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Jim Greenwood

President and CEO

Vision Source

Dave Coba


European Wax Center

Building a brand is about nurturing and developing the right team—‘the team is everything’.  But that everything, the team, is not limited to the associates and executives.  The team also includes a core group of strategic partners; a select, hand-picked group that one can only build over years and years of time.


I consider Natalie part of this core group.  Outstanding recruiter, pleasure to work with, professional, knowledgeable and efficient.  She demonstrated a genuine commitment to understanding my personality and to understanding the culture and personality of our brand. 


Anybody can pick up a phone and make some calls, or check some online profiles.  No…I witnessed something different.  Natalie identified the perfect candidate.  Strategized on how to best build a relationship with such candidate.  She drove awareness and excitement around our brand to a top tier c-level executive, a 15-year tenure, not remotely in the market, and already positioned with one of the world’s most well-known brands.


Ultimately positioned as our CIO, still with the brand today, and truly one of our greatest assets!

Natalie really wanted to understand not only the detailed requirements of our position, but also our culture.  The 'fit' is just as important to her and she gets it.  We were not only presented with a terrific assortment of talent very quickly, we saw fresh profiles throughout the search. 

Natalie's passion and excitement for her work is very obvious.  You can tell this is very serious business for her, and she certainly knows it is for her clients.

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