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What We Do


There are a LOT of search firms.  Big.  Small.  Broad.  Specialized.  There are even more recruiters.  How is Ingram Executive Recruiting different?

Matchmaking.  Understanding the company, the culture, the need...finding the right person.  The fit, the skills, the style.  That's our specialty.

Have we done a search like yours before?  Probably not.  They're all different, and don't let someone tell you otherwise.  One Retail or CPG or Healthcare company is not like the other.  The CIO role is incredibly different depending on the business.  Technology is ever changing.  The skills behind this expertise are deep and complex.  Finding the right match with the right skills for your culture, THAT'S what we're really good at...and that's what we're really passionate about.

For over two decades, recruiting technology executives for companies in many industries, of all sizes, nationwide.  A network as deep as it is broad.  A focus on quality over quantity.  Your need is specific.  It's needle-in-a-haystack time and you need a partner who will personally hand select amazing talent, build deep trust, and deliver.  This leader will be vital to where your business goes next.  We get that.  Every step - beginning to end.  If you want deep touch, white glove service, you've found it.

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